weekend bliss

i can practically feel the mania setting in and boy, does it feel good!
nothing like a free, all you can eat, drug-free high! and luckily for me, it will likely last from now until mid september when once again, the noticeable loss of daylight will inflict that irresistible nesting syndrome, which will flow effortlessly into pure, unadulterated, depression.

ahhhh, alaska! what a place this is.

we've got sunshine and miles of blue sky- and snow covered peaks, and daylight.
do you hear me? daylight!
february, how i love thee!

this weekend i was lucky enough to get karen from over at nyncak to join me for a winter hike in girdwood, my favorite little hippie hamlet!
getting two amateur photographers together makes for a s-l-o-w hiking. but, with the sunshine peaking through the trees, distance was not the point.

its funny how old mr. sunshine can take and elevate my mood just like that.
it was a very chilly day (in the teens-) but bathing in the golden glow made the frozen fingers and runny nose worth it.
and here is the happy face of a boy who has been skiing for 3 solid afternoon hours.

jade had his 3rd week of powder blasters and he is rockin' the skis!
it was too much fun watching how much he enjoys being out there, and his instructor says he is getting strong and now making parallel turns.
he'll be kicking my ass on the slope before long.
the vibe at alyeska is also, just so good.
grateful dead playing in the day lodge, happy people screaming down the slopes.
now, that's good stuff.

lastly, we recently ventured over to our neighbor's pasture to say hello to our resident horses. these two pals have endured months of cold and darkness- they've got the longest hair i've ever seen on horses.
they like visitors and carrots.