march rules!

ive been getting all caught up in our ever expanding daylight here.
march is a great time of year in alaksa. we've generally got snow and the daytime hours are growing longer by 5 minutes each day. this makes for some fantastic time outdoors, and after a long, cooped up winter, thats good stuff!
-here are some photos from the past couple of weeks.
we are skiing machines!


Karen Travels said...

I love your skiing pictures!

Did you make it out to the start of the Iditarod? It was a lot of fun, very easy to get into the spirit of it. I took a ton of pictures! No surprise there.

akfnp said...

Hi Karen!
Nope, we might go to Willow tomorrow for the actual start. We did that the year before last and it was pretty exciting. Glad you went- cant wait to see your pics. (: