the race is on!

we did not get out to either the ceremonial or official start of the iditarod this year.
this is a favorite photo from the last start we attended.

we were too busy deconstructing our kitchen (more later on that).
im sure there are some other bloggers (check out the alaskan blog list on the side bar) with cool dog pics and wacky musher photo ops- its bigger than christmas and rates right up there with the pdf check here in alaska.

the 1150 mile journey will take about 10 to 17 days to complete, and the official web site can be kind of fun to peruse to see who's where, when, and how many dogs they are running with.
you can link to it here.

ive been hearing from everyplace that spring is a mere 2 weeks away. even people here say that breakup (the quaint alaskan word for spring) occurs 2 weeks after those dogs cross the finish line.
its hard to believe looking out on this.


jen said...

OK- the snow and moose are really great and all, but I want to see the damn kitchen already! (and the bathroom, BTW)

Corey Paradise said...

J man looks like a real pro already. Way to go jaden! think your pappa can keep up?

Corey Paradise said...

and I posted some new pics on my INKWELL blog too! just for you.