we like to (de)construct things.

awhile back, in the deep, deep, deep, dark of winter, i posted a few photos of our bathroom demolition.

i was kindly reminded that i never posted after photos-
so here is a looky at our before bathroom:
notice the understated whiteness of the subway tiles, and the delicate pink in the detail of the easy-to-wipe linoleum.
here is our new and improved bathroom.
mind you this is not necessarily your high end, dream bathroom; but instead, a lovely, functional, improved space, on the cheap.

i have a handy man.
doesnt he look handy.. (fanny... ass candy) ...?

so, on to bigger and better projects because, well, thats what we do.

can you believe in a house full of windows- seriously, this house is practically made of glass, they put this pitiful little window in on a west facing wall over the kitchen sink? well, goodbye kitchen sink. hello window!

i mean really, what were they thinking??
certainly not of doing dishes. one must have scene to view in order to do the dishes.
boy, have we got view!
3 or so weeks till we get our kitchen back.
-and its wonderful that i have such a lovely bathroom to do dishes in until then (:


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

ass candy rhyme was priceless...hheh...love your bathroom! the vanity rocks...thanks for the franti hit...love you, delta

Jen said...

Thanks for the bathroom!! The tile turned out awsome- but I sort of miss the delicate pink in the floor... (kidding...) It was a gentle reminder, wasn't it? It looks great! I think the view above the sink is gonna rock. Can't wait for the next chapter- the cabinets! Oh yea- I'll send the edge pics this am! OX,