this morning while quickly scanning the web for headlines this one jumped right off the screen of my little mac and into my lap. it proclaimed:

Whoopie Treat Wildly Popular

this not only made me smile, i practically snorted tea right out my nose, while instantly my thoughts were transported to being brought up in maine.

in the lovely land of ocean and pine trees the institutional general store remains, with a firm foothold in every small town- and maine is filled with small towns.
on the counter of each general store there are baskets filled with home baked treats.
there are cream horns, fudge flavored with chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla. there is maple sugar candy and pickled eggs floating in a giant jar of unknown liquid... (dont ask)

but the treat which never goes un-purchased when i stop into any of them, is the whoopie pie.
a whoopie pie is a tasty blend of two small chocolate cake-like cookies, where sandwiched between each, is a delectable buttery-cream frosting, all carefully wrapped in saran. (this part is quintessential to the whoopie pie, believe me.)

i have just experienced virtual childhood time travel.

well now my favorite liberal rag has exposed this secret to all of you- you can find the details and recipe here.

be prepared to be changed forever by this remarkable little treat.

btw, the best whoopie pies in the whole world are sold at eggmoggin reach general store.
stop in sometime and try one.


Corey Paradise said...

I too saw this nytimes dinning article while working at the neighborhood coop here in blue hill maine, where the whoopie pies are made with organic buttercream frosting and the cookie part is dense and brownie-like. After all this is the land of whoopie reverie. I would dare to say that I think the best pie is at the moosehead general store there in rockwood alongside the mooseheade river.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

never heard of them but i haven't met a pie i didn't like....bookmarked in the recipe folder ....for when a certain girl comes home....hmmm