grill baby, grill

ive tried hard these past several months to reign in my contempt regarding the queen of alask....er... the governor of alaska.
but lately, she's up to her old tricks and is now taking the definition of narcissism to a new level. this is pissing off alot of alaskans.

it appears likely that she will continue to look for the wormhole to DC, so grab yourself a fresh cup of joe and check out these two juicy tidbits offered as food for thought.

anchorge speaks out against palins rejection of stimulous money

pipe dreams


Karen Travels said...

LB! I just got your message here at school. My computer at home is virused up. I had access to a computer on Saturday, but not yesterday...bummer.
Now here at school I can check my aol mail, that is how I found your message. I can't get on facebook, but I can access blogger, thank goodness. I am going through facebook withdrawl!!

You should have called, I wasn't doing anything yesterday! Next time!!

Any ash where you are?

Anonymous said...

great material for those us down here in the Lower 48 LB.

thx, KK