thar she blows!

well its about time!
i just wish i were on vacation like some alaskan friends i know, unable to get back home for a day or three.

for any of you wondering about mt. redoubt, she is active and now classified as a red alert.
the volcano erupted 5 times last evening with each eruption lasting 4-30 minutes, and sending up an ash cloud, 60,000 feet.
and truthfully, i had no idea until this morning... slightly anticlimactic i know, but better than the alternative.
you can read all the details and look at current updates as you wish at the avo website.

isnt that a beautiful photo above? it was taken on march 21, and i am posting it with a full shout out to the volcano observatory, where i poached it from.
the map is complements of the alaska daily news.
you can see where we are in respect to current ash fall.
(we live outside of palmer)
so far it is a blustery, hazy day with no visible ash or weirdness.
(other than the simple fact that i am blogging about a volcano..)

and oh yeah, fuck you Bobby Jindal.


Tina said...

yikes! hehe...
yeah, finally blew. I didn't even know it happened until I went to work that day.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

damn, you're not in meheeko...

alittlebitofscrap said...

LMAO at your last statement! LOL! :)