easter bunny

well, imagine our surprise when peering out the dining room window this easter sunday, we see old cotton-tail himself. he sat and nibbled on something yummy for quite some time.

this weekend we went down to girdwood to meet some friends for dinner. it was a lovely time. jaden, very unfortunately is sick, sick, sick with an unrelenting fever and cough. he told jeff and i yesterday "my blood pressure is slowing down" in quite a dramatic fashion. poor little guy has a nasty bug and is all tucked in on a make shift bed in our bedroom for the night. today was to have been his last day of skiing at alyeska, but we had to skip it and head home instead.

here are some of the sights seen on this overcast day along turnagain arm.
i love the huge chunks of ice sitting out on the mudflats. and although you cant grasp the scale here, many are much larger than your average car.