happy tuesday.
ive been playing with a new photo editing program on-line.
check it out here.


Karen Travels said...

Did you buy it?

I played with it a little last night...weeeeeee!!

akfnp said...

yes. bought it and LOVE it!!! screw pse. I am too retarded to figure it out. picnik is idiot-proof. just my style (:

Karen Travels said...

I think I shall invest in it!

Did you feel the earthquake up your way?

Karen Travels said...

In reference to your comment about my bike ride: IT WAS A MESS.

But once the snow/ice is gone it should be okay.

Which means I will ride to work the last week of school.

Hey, I tried to e-mail you pics, but it didn't work. Do you have a new e-mail address?