spring, really, it is.

what do you do on a springy day in alaska?
well, hike a glacier, of course!

i've posted many pictures of the matanuska glacier before, but i've not been there this early in the season.
it was extra spectacular with much more snow than in july, and of course the landscape changes with every visit.
it really is one of my favorite places to spend time in this great state.
it's wondrous!
you must click to appreciate the scale, and even then you wont really get a grasp.
just book a ticket already!

many thanks for karen for suggesting the get together. it was a lovely day!


alittlebitofscrap said...

OMG! Is all I can say.. You guys are brave.. Did you have a guide? I would love to get that close and take fabulous photos. I have lots of Matanuska Glacier photos from the Highway :)

Your photos are great!

akfnp said...

no guide- its really not as scary as it looks. you can be as far or near as you wish. you really ought to check it out next time you venture to your cabin.... which with a move might be awhile (: its an amazing place. thanks for stopping by!

Karen Travels said...

YAY!! What an awesome day! I love the contrast of colors in that last pic. I love them all! Thank you for a great day!

I have some pics of you to e-mail you later!

jen said...

The pics turned out fabulous! The glacier colors are spectacular, but I really love the black and white too... you're becoming quite the accomplished shutterbug!