seward in springtime

spring is springing all over the place here in alaska.

this evidenced by the first batch of slow-moving, high potency mosquitoes. hot-tub sitting is not quite so enjoyable as it was at minus 15.

we have just returned from a long weekend away where we had a great, extended time in seward.
jaden celebrated being 6 years young with his very dear buddy lydia. ("she's 5, and i'm 6 now.")
a lovely, relaxing, no home-improvement time was had by all.

we are home now, faced with an almost done kitchen, a very happy and nicely settled in dog, (whom is still being called rocky, sometimes rocket and whom we love very much) and an overly affectionate cat who thought we were never coming home.

trees are trying to bud. undergrowth is pushing its way to the top of dead, brown debris in the woods, and the driveway is muddy.

its the start of the work week for me- so cheers.
here's to blooming trees and flying insects.. ..
sort of.


flying fish said...

Just stumbled upon your blog by linking from somewhere else, maybe through Progressive AK or one step away from there, not sure. I am glad I stumbled here though, manic with spring in Haines and the lover of an aloof chow mix that lets me call her Bugsy.

Karen Travels said...

Great pictures! Hooray for spring. Time is going by so fast!! I need to get down to Seward for a boat tour soon!!

p.s. I personally like Rocky, and Rocket!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

huzzah! spring! about f*cking time!-d

Mary said...

It was great to meet you and your family, LB! I'd love to hang out again. I also think you would really hit it off with my friend Jamie - we will need to have a BBQ or a real hike at hatcher's soon!

Anonymous said...

That photo of the tree look perverted. I love you!