what is left of the the snow on the mountain peaks is rapidly melting, and the leaves are busting out everywhere.

we have just enjoyed the most magnificent stretch of weather since moving here. we've enjoyed several days of bluebird skies and sun- what an amazing feeling it is to actually feel hot here in AK.

it is a bit cooler today, but still no complaints from me who finally feels thawed out.
even the onslaught of seasonal allergies isn't getting me down.

we have been moving forward on house projects, wrapping up kindergarten and watching our son marvel at turning 6.

all sorts of chapters seem to be coming to an end and new ones are opening up.
looks like we've got some new adventures ahead, but my superstitious nature wont let me divulge just yet.

jade and i watched a field of friendly sand hill cranes and canadian geese poking around together today.
who knew they were friends?

life is good.

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Karen said...

Love these pics - especially the new blog banner! Oh, the adventures are coming all around...scary and exciting and overwhelming and delightful...

I need to take it one day at a time! Today? THE ZOO!!

p.s. the word verication is sunidiot!