last weekend the landscape changed pretty dramatically for me as i journeyed to moab utah and spent some big time under the sun chasing lizards and looking for that ever elusive amazing photo.

it was great to recharge the vitamin d tank, which at present time is registering full-up!

i traveled from anchorage to salt lake city utah, where i took a canada regional jet to grand junction colorado. there, i met up with my good friend leslie.
we road tripped from there in her stylin' audi (i got to drive the stylin' audi and now my poor, dependable subaru doesn't seem quite so great) 112 miles to moab.

the fantastic falbos secured us a rockin camp site at goose island campground and had cold tecates on hand as we pulled in.

later that evening the morris clan arrived in their fantastic new westy. i now have audi and westy envy.
this is not good....for my husband.

a day was spent checking out arches national park in the 90 degree, blissfully dry heat, while the morris and falbos went biking. we regrouped for dinner and mayhem.
there was plenty of mayhem.

the next day, we all hiked the north mill creek trail which was the most perfect moab hike ever- according to me anyhow- the hike was kid friendly- not too long and it followed the creek up to a beautiful pool with small waterfall action. just up the trail from the swimming hole, without any fanfare whatsoever, were these petroglyphs.
all in all, pretty amazing stuff.

its taken me a while to sort through the 500+ pictures and whittle things down to a manageable 50 or so. (ahh, the beauty of digital)
settling back in to some delightful, albeit, cooler alaskan weather now. summer is in full swing. life is good.
when are you coming to visit?


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

i;ve got trip envy...glad you had fun grrl...

Anonymous said...

fun with picnik! great selections but dying to see more. missing you already. xoxoxo lb

Karen Travels said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love the tree in front of the sunset!! I am glad you had a great time!