summer is upon us here in the north and i've been neglecting the blog.
we've had lots of changes with jaden now out of school - i've been getting a daily dose of "how many more days till i go to first grade mommy?" in his mind alone, it will be a long summer.

i am officially unemployed, by choice. which, is making me question my sanity.

i am hopeful that i will be starting a position, a dreamy, wonderful position, at a large hospital in anchorage sometime in july. all of the cards, eggs or whatever metaphor you like haven't yet landed in place, in the basket as it were, so at this point, im just riding the wave... relying on faith. a trait im not traditionally very good at. really. i suck at this kind of thing. im a planner. julie the cruise director..... a title i wear with pride.

in the mean time, we are finishing up lots of loose ends here at our lovely little place outside of palmer so that we can try to sell it and move on into the thriving metropolis known as los anchorage.
in my mind, this puts me much closer to the airport(: and to seward, and girdwood- there are many ways of looking at it.
the biggest being no commute in the winter when the glenn highway is a skating rink, roller derby style.

i am having a visitor next week. YIPPEE for visitors! so far our summer tour schedule is sadly empty. (HINT!)
sheila will be making her 2nd visit to our northern paradise and arrives under the watchful eye of the midnite sun on wednesday.
i hope to have some great adventures while she is here to share here on this space.
in the mean time, i will be thinking about my entry in this years haiku contest held by the anchorage press.
with categories such as:
  • erosion
  • the bear out back
  • roller derby
  • ethics, schmethics
  • one for the tourists
  • abstinence, alaska style
  • midnight sun insomnia
  • in the blueberry patch
how can you go wrong?
heh, heh, heh!


Karen Travels said...

I TOTALLY understand the planning part. When I think about what I will be doing in August, when the NC 2009-1010 School year begins, I start to have an axiety attack.

I feel like I should be there now, job searching. Doing something. It's killing me.

I saw that haiku contest the oher day. Maybe I will play too!!

akfnp said...

still up for a hike tomorrow? lots of snow up at hatchers, but plenty of options.

Jen said...

In the blueberry patch? How could you even consider any of the others?

Jen said...

BTW- that pic of J man is AWESOME! Completely captures his inner wild man.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

happy summer, grrl...hello to your famn damly