terrific house- amazing location fsbo

okay, so here is the "soft" sell.
i'm giving out the link we've created to go with the craigslist post, in our attempt to sell our home here in the valley.
the time has come for us to move into the big thriving metropolis of los anchorage and join the other 3 or 4 liberals who live in this state.
it's lonely up here!

no, really, its just that a job change is in the wings and it seems ridiculous for both of us to be away from home, commuting back and forth with our child here in the valley.
plus, anchorage is closer to the airport, to seward and to girdwood- all good things.

so head on over to that link down below and spread the word if you know anyone who might be looking for a lovely home in a great neighborhood in the mat-su valley.

we've worked our butts off updating this house and the place looks amazing. (if i do say so myself, and i do.)

the kitchen is dreamy, the bamboo feels oh, so good on the toes and the wood stove we added last fall kept me alive during that particularly freezing cold winter. (oh how i love you, little wood stove.)

its a very comfortable house, and in a most fabulous neighborhood right on the doorstep of hatcher pass.
i wouldn't lie.
this is it.
the place you've been looking for.

we love it here, and finding a replacement in anchorage is bound to be down-right painful

- but change is the only constant, right?

click here for all the details
-and thanks in advance for spreading the word.

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