hatcher hike

yesterday, jade and i headed up to hatcher pass where the road is now open up to independence mine.

one of our favorite places to pack some pb&j sandwiches and take a stroll through the spongy, moss carpeted bowl is the trail that heads to gold cord lake.

but that hike was well populated so we decided to take the advice of our friends sharon and howie and head up the stream and over the lip of the bowl into the next valley to behold the view.

we had a great time and even managed to see and touch some genuine redoubt ash.
the wildflowers are simply divine right now and especially those delicate amazingly blue forget-me-nots.
dont you just love these?


Jen said...

YES! I DO just love those! (we've now entered the "is Jaden coming today?" phase)

akfnp said...

well, welcome! we've been counting down for 20+ days. only 6 to go!! wooo hoooo! im bringing the sunshine.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

i love forget-me-nots!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Just love the colors in these photos, especially the forget-me-nots!