solstice weekend

it is here i would like to be posting photos of smiling faces pulling out any of the 12 halibut that were caught this weekend. but i cant do that.
you see, that would have required me to look up out of the puke bucket, or move away from the side of the boat long enough to work my camera, and that my dear friends, was impossible.

i was the lucky one who suffered for 6 or so hours, as our friend's trusty hewes craft, rocked and rolled over the waves outside of resurrection bay.
the only beauty here was that the cure for motion sickness is reputable and reliable.
upon disembarking, i felt like a new woman.

the day before our fishing disaster (my disaster, really.) we attended a beautiful and fitting memorial service.
our ride out to thumb cove was serene, the clouds parted, the sun shone and for many fleeting moments you could actually feel the peace and solace of the world.
jade and i are leaving tonite for a visit to colorado. i am looking forward to blistering weather, but i promise to use sunscreen.
we'll catch up with colorado snaps soon.