summertime has made it to the north country in all its glory. 

ive been told that summer in alaska is a thing to behold, but in our time here, we had yet to experience it. 
as i gaze out into the yard and squint through the sunny haze, i assure you, this one will go down in the record books as hotter and sunnier than many in years past. 

i may be the sole person in the state who is smiling from ear to ear as i sweat. 
life is good.

jaden and i took off for two weeks of traveling to our old stomping grounds, aka: home sweet home, colorado. 
what was to be a week long trip, extended (gratefully) into 2, and my reward was coming back to an alaska i have never experienced. 

we had a blast playing with all our friends and family. 
we especially enjoyed;
suburban pool playing, firehouse touring, kitten playing,  bbq-ing, river sitting, kayak watching, tree house lounging, piano listening, wine drinking, poppy gazing, grandmother seeing, happy hour do-ing, rock climbing, snake spying,  scooter riding, super soaker using, city street strolling, trampoline jumping, girlfriend hanging, flower picking fun.

very sadly--
on one of our last days, i was schlepping my half-closed backpack from car to abode, when out jumped my trusty macbook. 
little mac landed with a sickening thud on the nicely paved driveway, and in that flash, all 10,000 photos i have taken over these past 3-4 years vanished.
hard drive shot. 
done. dead. gone. forever. 

needless to say i am trying to deal with my lazy stupidity. 
lesson learned. 
i own a passport (external hard drive).
i will now be using it, frequently. 
if i get even one "i told you so" you may be banned from this narcissistic sweet spot on the web.

speaking of narcissistic..... how bout that sarah palin?
what a bat-shit crazy quitter she is.
- but that's just my opinion.

and these are the few photos i still had kicking around on my camera from our journey. 

now get out there and take a hike or something!

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Mary said...

I am the other person here smiling while I'm drenched in sweat! I love it!!!