this is likely to be a downer post. so if your feeling in the mood for something cheery and uplifting, change channels.

yesterday, jeff and i and a whole slew of other like-minded folks, lost a dear friend. he was killed while riding his motorcycle home from work when someone pulled a large pickup truck into the oncoming lane of traffic.

the phone call came from his wife of 29 years and i am reeling from the news and immersed in that stage of grief known as denial.

howie was just 50 and full of life, wit and love. in fact, most times, he was larger than life. he was a reliable friend who, physically was an animal. he was always biking, skiing and hiking around this beautiful corner of the world.

it seems so trivial and simple to say, "why him? it cant be true, i dont want him to be gone."
but these are the thoughts circling my head.

i am deeply saddened and grateful to have had him as a friend.

i will miss margarita drinking, palin bashing, obama loving, music discussing and listening with you.
i will miss seeing you out in the moose range on skis or grooming the trail with that trusty old snowmachine.
i will miss seeing you in that old floppy eared hat, with the steal-your-face patch that has to be nearly as old as me.
i will simply miss you howie.


Anonymous said...

that is truly a lovely and fitting tribute. don't forget to breathe. xoxo

Mary said...

I met him at New Year's and he was FABULOUS! I heard the news yesterday too - pure disbelief.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

so sorry...if he was anything like my husband he probably had thoughts like "when i die i hope to go doing something i love not is some bed dying slowly of cancer"...but this doesn't always help...love you...