spyglass hike

above spyglass on the rim, looking down.
spyglass from below with rocket taking a dip.
amazing high alpine flora.

here are some photos from a beautiful hike we took yesterday. it was a lovely saturday. we hiked far above the gray that shrouded the valley.

the weather here has been amazing.  its almost too good to be true.
for 3 years now people have told us that summertime is the best part of alaska but we had grown weary of that promise. 

i guess they were right after all.

on the home front, i am still unemployed and waiting for the promise of a position in palliative care. in the mean time, i will start doing some per diem work for a np run clinic in anchorage this week. 
jaden is attending day camp and coming home exhausted. i think this means we are getting our moneys worth!
we are ramping up the house selling tactics and hope to find that buyer before school begins... but its a tough proposition these days. 

enjoy your sunday.


Laura said...

Wow, this gorgeous! I want to seek it out!

Laura said...

Okay, I can't find it...do you mind sharing?!

akfnp said...

hi laura- this is up in april bowl. head up hatcher like you are going to summit lake. the pull out just before summit lake is april bowl. it's well marked. let me know if your up this way- im happy to show you.

Laura said...

I will, thanks!