august limbo

so a friend of mine has told me that as a sagittarius, i will never be satisfied.
i am the quintessential grass is always greener girl.

for a long time, i blamed this on my upbringing.
my parents had wanderlust and they listened to it, packing it up and moving from one side of the country and back again, stopping wherever the money ran out to squeak out a living.

its not so much about the destination for me, but that unquenchable desire to try out different places.
to feel the crunch of arid dry ground in the desert southwest under my feet in one moment and sinking into the mossy tundra in the next.

a rolling stone gathers no moss- whats so great about moss anyway?

im not sure if there is much rhyme or reason for this.
it just is.

if all goes as planned, some wonderful person or persons is going to come along (any moment!) and love the home we've made here, allowing us to move forward with our lives and relocate into the grimy city and melting pot known as anchorage.

interesting note here, the very definition of the name of our soon to be city:
"the action of securing something to a base or the state of being secured"
hmmmmm, now thats a little scary.

even though this isnt the move my heart is really searching for, a small part of me is delighted with the potential venue change.
(and it goes without saying that the impetus for the move is a job change which is going to be amazing and fulfilling.)

until then, we are in a state of limbo, and what better way to spend some time in limbo than in a garden with your camera?


Kim Richard Smith said...

There's a line or two in there that I wished I had written myself. Stumbled on your blog by accident. Nice interpersonal description

Karen Travels said...

These pictures are soooo pretty. Love them.

We are so alike, I haven't been in NC for 3 weeks yet, and I have already wondered about visiting out west again...(Utah in the fall would be nice!), but I am thinking of buying a cabin in the NC mountains to have a "getaway" when I need it. Who knows.

Karen Travels said...

Oh, and I miss Alaska too.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

wow you are becoming a really great photographer...love the header...sell sell sell...