holy hula hoop

this weekend we went to lovely seward and brought with us hula hoop supplies, compliments of mr. h.

we've made alot of hoops in our time, so we thought we'd share our expertise (insert snicker here: giggle, not the bar) with l & l.

so here are the instructions for making hoops at home 101.

first, you gather 3/4 inch irrigation tubing, 100 psi. you can also use 1 inch or even 1.5 if feel like living large.
3/4 inch is good if you are making them for smaller people or children as the hoops will be heavy, but not too heavy.next, you cut the tubing to the approximate diameter that feels right around your body.
you can use a hack saw. its very easy to cut.

remember: GO BIG- in the world of hoops, bigger is better.

next, if you are not thinking too clearly, you can add a noise maker such as popcorn, or beans into the tubing.then you heat the end of the tubing with a handy-dandy hair drier for a few moments to make it pliable. working quickly, use an internal coupling, (same size as the tubing) -well lubricated.
yes friends, lubrication is your friend here too. you might try hand soap, but we found that astroglide, should you have some on hand, works very nicely here. then, after pushing the ends together snugly, wrap the entire hoop with black electrical tape. then decorate with colored tape as you wish.HAPPY HOOPING!!!!


Karen Travels said...

That is so neat! Go, Jaden, go!!

J said...

LOOK AT THAT HOOPIN MAN!!! I had NO IDEA the small man got your hooping ability... I need some instruction from HIM!