curiosity has gotten the best of me.
who are you laguna niguel?
you check in so very often and my silly site meter keeps track.
i think my mother once had an affair with a man who lived in laguna beach.... in say, 1977.
other than that, this place is a mystery to me...

do you have a blog i should be reading?
please, introduce yourself!


Karen Travels said...

lol, I had this same problem with someone from Spokane, WA!!

Where are the snow pictures!?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got no clue who you are and you no clue on me. I just have about 25 blogs bookmarked and I open them all at once each day.

I'm a photographer and love your images, so that really what I'm checking.

Sorry, I don't have a blog or website.

akfnp said...

gosh, dont be sorry!! get a blog and show us some of your photos :) thanks for stopping in.

ozone ranger said...

he lived in Pacific Beach....coincidentally his name was Jim...last name eludes me at this time....he had salt water fish tanks and worked installing commercial refrigeration units for a grocery chain