we are having an extended stretch of amazing autumn.
and i am so incredibly grateful for this.

today was blustery and breezy sending yellow leaves flying through the air.
our house is now looking naked on its hill as we lose our cover.

we went up the road a few miles to overnite in our new van last evening.
i was reluctant to go too far from civilization until we get a feel for what kind of kinks our new friend might have. but, she ran like a champ and ive decided that cooking pancakes and sipping coffee inside is so very nice compared to crawling out of a tent, damp and chilly.
we've had some significant action on the house this weekend as well.
3 viable lookers- two couples and a single all without children, and all seemingly very interested.
my fingers and toes are crossed. driving to and from anchorage is getting old.

happy monday everyone!


RunninL8 said...

Part of me just wants to drive up and down our road, up and down, with all those wonderful leaves falling all around. No cool tall trees on our property...just the stubby conifers.
What a great weekend for a road trip! I didn't take into account that we would be driving to and from Seward IN THE DARK!!! :(
Good luck on the house!!! I'd cross me cheaks for ya if I could!

Karen Travels said...

GORGEOUS! Here the leaves are just starting to turn...mostly brown and it is still sweltering, but not hot and sweltering.

I will keep my fingers crossed about the house!