great weekend here- fall is hanging on by a few tough leaves.
we've had our first frost which killed off the potted mums on the porch, and the mountains are covered with lots of snow. the snow line is not far off, but we've yet to see the stuff first hand.

we enjoyed a nice time with friends at their cabin this weekend, us sleeping in their yard in the westfalia. this was our view from there.

monday seems to come awfully quick when you work a monday through friday gig, doesnt it? how spoiled i was to work 3 days a week those past few years.
ahhh, hindsight!

we've had some action on our house- ive' been putting out those positive vibes and thoughts to the universe (and lighting green candles...) to get the place sold so that we may get settled in the big city before winter arrives.
hopefully we will see some forward action on that over the next few days.

peace out
bring on the work week!