a few things i've noticed-

this is the most drawn out autumn i have experienced in years
and i am incredibly grateful for its lingering.

darkness is closing in at an astonishing rate, nearly 6 minutes a day.

bedtime seems much more pressing this time of year vs. summer when gardening at night is commonplace.

some leaves have excessive tenacity, others do not.

leaves smell good as they decompose.

there is an anxiousness that comes with awaiting winter.

my husband looks hot in his reading glasses.

i need more yoga in my life.


Karen Travels said...

I LOVE the smell of rotting leaves! I am glad you all are getting a long fall! It is just starting here!

Leslie said...

MOOSES!!!!! I love that picture, well, and the rest of them too. And boy, do I get that anxiousness awaiting winter thing and men do look hot in reading glasses, even though they don't they do!
Winter here, autumn will return later in the week.
But, yay, MOOSES!!!!!!! Wish I were there. xoxo

pirate grrl said...

let's talk yoga...

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