october check in-before its gone!

current books: olive kitteridge a winding road of a story which manages to capture some of what small town maine might be.
being a native of the state has me reading the story with a jaundiced eye. but i am eating it up anyway. and also, my bread by jim lahey.
i will, i repeat, i will master the fine art of bread baking before the winter is over.

current playlist: david dye and the world cafe mixes it up for me every weekday on knba.
also loving ray la montagne right now.

current guilty pleasure: chocolove baby. chocolove.

current color: all of em. i mean really, who can pick just one?

current drink: westlake unsweetened vanilla soy hot chocolate, homemade in my kitchen.
im trying to stay away from the coffee cart stops. coffee carts are prolific here.

current food: feta zucchini delights; apples and peanut butter.

current show: no tv. try it. its quite liberating. but, when you need the mindless box, its the daily show, netflicks or hulu for me.

current wish list: besides the obvious world peace, and wishing for sarah palin to drop right off the edge of the planet, there is self motivation, self preservation and having a better understanding of what makes my husband so fucking grumpy all the damn time- oh yeah. he's a gemini. sucks to be me, but just half the time.

current needs: see above.

current triumphs: landing my dream job as an advanced nurse practitioner in palliative care in a reputable hospital with wonderful coworkers.
hellllloooo career move.

current bane of my existence: commuting to said job 100 miles each day with darkness closing in at a terrifying rate. but, there is relief in sight.

current indulgence: subscription renewal to vanity fair.

current blessing: our house just sold with winter approaching and the economy in the toilet.

current slang: i drop alot of f-bombs.

current outfit: bahhhhahaahahahahahahahaha! thats funny.

current excitement: going to seattle for a girls weekend to celebrate a birthday in just 3 weeks. lookout! maybe i'll work on that current outfit thing above.

current mood: unsettled.


Anonymous said...

You are funny, LB. Funny funny, I love it. I'm also working on mastering the bread baking thing, believe it or not...well just french bread. And it's something Joey's dad has been working on mastering for, oh, 40 years now so I'm almost there. Send me that seattle info, woman. Speaking of 40 years...

xo. hol

Anonymous said...

Omg, totally enjoyed that! Especially the grumpy husband comment. ;)
Love hoop

pirate grrl said...

better you than me with a gemini...they are a hard bunch...you haven't shopped for awhile, i can tell...get some retail therapy in WA fast...great post, my dear...