ode to novem

dear sweet november,
go easy on me, for i have always been fond of you.

you do not always behave so nicely here in alaska, i've noticed.
and if i may, this far north does not suit you.

is it the darkness november, approaching at a startling rate?
or the fact that the earth here is frozen, but winter play ground has yet to arrive, leaving us all restless and in-between?

you are long and solid. you usher in the holidays, the gathering of friend and family and you blanket us with darkness.
it is you that helps us to see the light again.


Karen Travels said...

Love this. But I do have to say, and not trying to be a bitch, but November here in Charlotte is the October of the North. i actually thought this yesterday as I was driving in perfect 60 degree weather, the leaves just starting to really fall.

Hee hee hee. Sorry. I do miss snow and expect withdrawl to occur soon.

zenmasterlauren said...

thats beautiful!!!!!