winter is making an appearance this evening.
its a chilly 24 degrees outside and snow is swirling through the air. we haven't had any snow so far this year, which has been remarkable and wonderful for the commute.
its all coming to a screeching halt today.

i've been busy organizing and packing. trying to figure out what can be put away for a few weeks and what we'll be cursing when we cant find it because its in a box somewhere.
its a fine line between being frustrated and being s.o.l.
that gets me thinking.... wonder where my snow boots are?

life is going to be hectic these next few weeks. we will start moving into our new digs next weekend-slowly, and anticipate a closing date here in early december.
living between two residences 60 miles apart with a kiddo in school in one location and work in the other will leave little time for blogging. so bear with me and i'll keep you posted when my feet land on the ground again.

i am looking forward to wandering around wintery anchorage with my camera in a few short weeks.
i am also heading to seattle soon, which has me excited about capturing some of that gritty city through my viewfinder.

until then, peace out.

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pirate grrl said...

hang in there, grrl...