ice fog

the city is blanketed by a thick, wet, cold layer of fog, making every surface shine with soft rime. the bicycle i passed, locked sadly to the rack outside of city market, would make an inexperienced child want to run right up and stick his tongue on the fuzzy surface.

it is thick, surreal and hauntingly beautiful.
very unfortunately it is also impossible for me, the amateur photographer, to capture it in the dark, and these days i leave the house in the dark and return home in it.
i might have to sneak out and stroll through the woods surrounding the hospital campus one of these days with the camera to see what i might find in our limited light.

its been nice to be snuggled in this anchorage bowl with heavy, white, frozen vapor.
it is so pretty it almost makes you forget about the bone chilling, snot freezing temperatures.
-and it sure makes the christmas lights look pretty.