mumbo jumbo

we have reached the deep part of winter with sunrise at 9:50 and sunset at 3:48.
it is cold and hard to get moving in the mornings.
solstice, where are you? only 18 days to go.

one of the biggest difficulties for me with this darkness is my inability to take night time photos- this makes for some lame blogging on my part, since most of this little space on the web of mine is filled with photos of our goings on.

here are two for fun.
one of jade and lyd as we walked to a production of the nutcracker recently.
how nice to have dinner and walk downtown to the performing arts center! the other is the view from the alcove office space in this house, looking out through the very large skylight.

we are still in the long and drawn out process of getting settled into this old anchorage house with its creaky floors and crackling heat ducts.
the house feels good, comfortable.
the kitchen unfortunately, not so good or comfortable.
im having a hard time unpacking that room with its old and peeling contact paper and sticky surfaces no matter how much elbow grease has been poured on- but i'll get over it.

it is bitter-sweet leaving the palmer house. i loved that space. i loved the surrounding woods and the beautiful view of the talkeetna range.
i loved having a vision and making it happen.

tomorrow we will close the sale and hand over the keys to a very nice family with three kids.
they really love the house and have plans to do the addition we dreamed of. their kids are psyched to play in the woods and sled down the driveway.
this part feels good.

here are the parting shots finally, from an incredible seattle weekend.
too much fun had by all.
really. good times.
a sweet condo on the 2nd ave across the street from SAM.
pikes market daily for fruit, bread, cheese and veggies.

(i will pine for fresh figs from now until my dying day. a delectable treat shared by alex- cut figs in half, drizzle with olive oil and honey, put a small lump of gorgonzola on top and bake until warm and bubbly. oh, heaven!
my kingdom for the fig dish!)

and lovely friends to share a weekend away with me.
life, as hectic and ever changing as always, is good.