my plate is full
the list is long
there is light.... sunlight in fact
a small pin point dot of it shining through the tunnel
if i can manage to take the list
and clear the plate
and meet all the obligations that are crying out to be met
then on friday
just 5 short days from now
i will be stuffed into a seat that even my small self considers uncomfortable
hurling through the sky at amazing speeds
in a metal tube
sipping a mai tai
and arriving finally into the wet warm hawaiian air

until then
i reminisce and avoid the plate
and the list
for just one more moment 
and smile when remembering this

my beach brown yoga boy


Karen Travels said...

I thought that was snow in that picture for a second there!!

Have fun in Hawaii! I got your message about the online courses and I am definitely interested, but I have to finish this NB process first...so maybe April or May? Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

pirate grrl said...

Prasarita Padottanasana baby...have an amazing time...whoops, i think you are already there...take lots of pix...i know you will.