let there be light: and there was.
3 minutes a day folks.
there is light at the end of the tunnel, in fact i had to hunt down the sunglasses yesterday for our trip to the lagoon to ice skate. they hadnt been used in months.
our current tally; 10:05 am  sunrise-4:08 pm sunset.
now when i get off work, the sky is a beautiful deep dark blue, but its not dark.

as mentioned, we ventured to the lagoon to ice skate yesterday. i grew up ice skating but jeff didnt. jade seems to be catching on quickly and jeff is a great sport.

the lagoon is maintained by parks and rec and hot mopped. on the weekends they maintain a burn barrel and have free hot chocolate. its pretty cool to see all kinds of people, young and old, some playing frisbee, some passing hockey pucks back and forth out on the ice.

we are counting the days until our hawaiian escape...
we will be camping around the big island in a rented westfalia. i am looking forward to sand between my toes and going without long underware.

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That is so aweomse...insanely jelaous!