so zen lasted all of about 3.5 days. it was real nice.
now, the tan fades, the skin itches and my job is giving me some shimmering gray highlights.

but hey, 40 is the new 25.

as some of you faithful readers may remember, last summer i took a new position at an unnamed hospital someplace in alaska.....
(all that HIPAA crap keeps me from divulging any of the gory details in the event i get carried away)

i really like it.
its my dream job, and i like it so very much more that my other unnamed position at that clinic in that other town someplace else in alaska.
i dont regret my last endeavor, lets just say this one is a much better fit for all parties involved.

however, my new gig can be somewhat emotionally demanding.
life sucking, if you will.
not every day.
most days it's amazingly fulfilling.
and for that i am grateful.
but today was one of those days where i was left pondering the complexities of life, wondering if my actions were right or wrong.
wondering how i could have managed to tell the truth without being quite so blunt.

on a lighter note, im taking an online photography course which i am enjoying very much.
it is specific to my camera which i really havent taken the time to learn about extensively.
there are about 20 of us enrolled.
there are people from australia, canada and several places across the u.s.
it wouldnt be a bad thing to make a connection with someone else with a love of photography in a place like australia, right?

jeff and i are heading (sans child) to san francisco this weekend.
i feel like a rockstar, jetting off for the weekend to catch one of our favorite bands, seeking out some fantastic food and sleeping in until we want to get up.

i will likely return with some photos of our time in the city by the bay.
until then-
and dont forget to breathe.

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