I heart SF

dear sweet san francisco with your multitude of races, languages and smells, i want to thank you for a real good time.

i have known you to be damp and white with your trademarked fog hovering below the skyline.
i have found you to be cold and uncaring and have almost certainly always been chilled to the bone visiting you.

but this glorious visit you made me love you.

you wrapped you sun-filled skies around my shoulders, encouraged me to walk your hilly streets and to seek out your public spaces.
you reminded me of the beauty of diversity in all its definitions and in every context.
you tugged at my empathy, my sympathy and my inner desires.

i inhaled your salt water, ate your food and drank your wine and in the end, i found that i did indeed love you.


The Girl Behind The Lens said...

These pictures are incredible. I am very jealous!

Several tips said...

This blog is good.

The Girl Behind The Lens said...

Hey! I do all of my editing in photoshopcs3 on my Mac. I have used Picnic a little bit- but I didn't like that I had to pay for it, and that there's not an airbrush tool :)