well spring is springing here in the far north.
pavement is being exposed, on a short showshoe today we saw brush and ground cover peaking up through the snow.
and we saw this beautiful sun dog.
i know to most of you you arent going to get it when i write, spring is springing.
but trust me, it is.
and this is encouraging.

we had a perfect day at mt. alyeska yesterday.
its a beautiful thing when you can sleep in on a saturday, have a leisurely breakfast and head to the mountain at the crack on 2 and still get in 6 solid hours of daytime runs in.

jade was pretty excited about the prospect of skiing at night, but we've missed the mark on that as the runs close at 9 and sunset is close to 8:30 now.
he did get to make a few runs under the lights with a friend of his- sans parents. (unnerving for me, and an absolute delight for the two of them.)

not many 6 year olds can say they took the double up for 4 runs without parents tagging along.
we sat at the bottom, (me clutching my ipa) watching them race each other to the lift line.
good times.

ive been starting to dream of gardening under the midnight sun. we are currently in a rental so i dont know how much lee way we'll have in the back yard. might have to be container gardening but im looking forward to getting dirt under my nails.

i miss lots of things about colorado, but my garden there is up there on the list.

hows spring coming along out there for you folks?
come on, lets hear some bragging about cleaning out those closest and watching the tulips come up.


Karen Travels said...

Ha ha ha, I totally get it. I remember March last year. I remember when the plows trimmed back the snow drifts and suddenly there was a street again!!! And all that daylight!

Let's see...here it is daffodil central and the trees all look like they popped popcorn. I hope to have pics soon!

Nibbles said...

My tulips keep getting snowed on!!
love hoopie