i am experiencing technical difficulties.
i have not had any inspiration.
every day i have good intentions to return from work and hit the streets, camera in hand, to take interesting photos and post them here for all three of you to see.
i see anchorage waking from its long winter nap, and i'd like to show it to you.

but you see, its breakup here.

oh, dont be sad, breakup is a happy, albeit, dirty time of year here in alaska.
in fact there are many of us who actually pine for breakup for months before the fateful weeks arrive.

breakup describes what happens around these parts when the snow (after 5 long months) begins to retreat.

all sorts of things emerge from here.
some not so pretty.
truth: most not so pretty.

walking the dog yesterday there was the remnants of an old stuffed animal, nose stuck frozen to the alley, ass end up in the air all tattered and dirty.
poor guy had a long winter only to emerge and be pawed at by dog who only wanted to pry the stuffing out of it.

people walking dogs and riding bikes and holding hands and cradling steaming coffee.

so, as i watch the increasing activity and people scurrying about in the ridicoulsly long daylight hours, i am trying to gather inspiration and grab the camera for a walk.

so please, stay tuned.

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Views from Malmesbury said...

found your blog today and so pleased, i'm fascinated by all things alaskan. looking forward to more