sunday update

its a cold and dreary sunday here in the anchorage bowl.
spring keeps poking its hopeful head out and retreating.
i hope it will be worth the wait.

we've been exploring the neighborhood on our bikes. jade is learning to navigate city streets, driveways and alleys.
it will be hard to convince him that going back to live some place rural is a good idea. city living is suiting him well.

there are bits of dirty sidewalks and mounds of old dirty snow everywhere.
in the small south facing nooks the grass is tinged green.
we spent a small amount of cash recently, updating the bathroom of this old house.
its hard for jeff and i to sit idle and when there are so many repairs that need to be made. this place survived the quake of 64 and is a grand old house in need of alot of t.l.c.
some investor is simply renting it out with an occasional coat of new paint in between.
meanwhile the ceiling leaks, the exterior paint is peeling and the kitchen tiles are cracked and worn.

while we remind ourselves that we need not spend time and money on someone elses place, there is value to making it more pleasant as it is likely we will reside here for a while.

this was our before bath.
although the vintage wall paper wasn't the most hideous i'd ever seen, it was bad enough.
after 10 hours of wall paper stripping, 1 gallon of primer and 1 of paint, 2 boxes of vinyl floor covering and one dent/damaged vanity later, we have a pleasant place to sit on the throne or enjoy a bath in the deep, old, tub.
meanwhile, jeff has left for a week to join our seward friends in moving their 32 foot cape george cutter up from sitka. the 500 mile sailing journey will take about a week if all goes well.
i begged and then threatened jeff that he'd better return with some photos of the adventure.
hopefully he'll have some great pics to share.

jade and rocket and i will be heading to seward to meet them when they arrive next weekend.
it will be my first solo with the westy. im packing the jiffy pop, the hot chocolate and anticipating a great time waiting for my ship to come in.


Karen Travels said...

oh my, what fun!! For you and for Jeff!! Spring will be there soon!!! It was 70 by May 1st, if I remember correctly, we drank up on Hatcher's pass??!!

Glad to see a blog update!

Leslie said...

Nice work on the bathroom! Is the kitchen next? Hope the week goes quickly so you can have a wonderful reunion with your seaman!

Michelle said...

We need your talents in KONA! Beautiful job!