beautiful day in the neighborhood

people elsewhere are bragging about the warm weather and signs of spring.
here in AK we've got a long way to go.

we've just had a dumping of nearly a foot of snow, covering the old crusty layer that has been around for months. i think we saw temperatures in the teens today.

this is the time of year when the daylight grows by incredible leaps and bounds.
we have just crossed the tipping point to excessive.
our daylight was near normal the past couple of weeks, but now its starting to get strange again, but in a very needed and happy way.
sometimes strange is what you need.

the iditarod has begun.
as usual, there are some characters running the last great race this year.

i particularly liked hearing about the few, now adult offspring of former race runners.
in fact, dallas seavey (dad mitch is also competing) is currently in second place and ramey smyth and his brother cim smyth (offspring of legend bud smyth) are running as well.

the jamacian (yes, jamacan) man, newton marshall blows my mind and apparently he did quite well in the yukon quest. 
we've got a woman who also happens to be a rookie currently in 6th place.
you go girl!!

the race lasts aproximately 11 days. it is now day 3 so it will be intersting to see how things turn out.
check out the web site. its pretty cool.

its spring break here and jade is busy at camp all week.
he's really loving it.
they have been cross country skiing, snowshoeing and fort building and the boy is coming home worn out. we love that!
yesterday they disected an (unfortunate) electrocuted owl and he got to bring home some of the stomach contents. (i know, i know, you're thinking how lucky i am, right?)

he was thrilled to lay them out on a paper towel and show us what the creature had in its belly.
little bones of mice and things.
facinating stuff to an almost 7 year old boy.

thats all the news here...
i will endeavor to get outside with the camera one of these evenings soon.

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