im just home after wrapping up a whirlwind tour of my favorite city.
i had the great opportunity of traveling there for a conference, which was fantastic!

i also got to share this beautiful old city with two friends who hadnt ever spent any time there.
i also got to see my amazing brother and his beautiful girl and alex who came into town from her suburban digs to spend the night with us.

hooray for family and friends!

when i was a much younger girl, just after graduating from high school, i went to art school in boston  at the art institute. it is now a part of lesley college. 
although seems like a life time ago, the city holds tremendous memories for me and its like going home. (i grew up in maine as well. this is truly my part of the world.)

since jeff is originally from beantown, i tend to rely on him when we venture back.
but this time it was all me as jeff was here in ak. holding down the fort.
i managed to navigate our way around a small portion of the city by foot and by T (subway) cramming in the high points between conference sessions.

i didnt take my nice camera because i didnt check a bag and its too cumbersome to juggle with only carry-on luggage, so these are some power shots from the little hand held. 
now, time to get back to the grind- although today is a bluebird day- lots of sunshine and snow. i have a restless child who needs to get out of the house.
until next time, cheers!

ps- anyone out there checking in need to share any new and creative blog space with me? i could use some fresh reading and photo looking.


Karen Travels said...

Love these Boston pics! I have only been twice, both times I was in the 9th grade, so I don't remember too much.

I just updated my blog with a few more awesome blog links...check them out under photography!

My blog has been awfully dull, but i hope things will perk up when I am done with the damn national board process!!

Divine Lotus Healing said...

I love living here- your photos make me appreciate it even more! Someday if I can dig them out, I'll do a post about my visit to AK :) Namaste.

Christian Sinclair, MD said...

You look very familiar. Did we meet at the conference in Boston? Maybe the Pallimed/GeriPal party? great pics. Hope you had fun at the conference. Guessing you will be able to make the easy trip down to Vancouver next year.

Thanks for linking to Pallimed too.