saturday snaps

magpies are the worlds most noisy birds.
i do not like them.

my dog wont go out in the back yard because they nip at his tail.
he weighs about 80 pounds.

today, as i was standing in the kitchen, i saw a very nice looking black cat whom i have never laid eyes on.
she caught my eye because she was lazily lying on the fence looking all content.
-until the magpie spied her and then all hell broke loose.

they've just had babies in the back yard, and they're a bit protective, of the entire block!
part of me wishes, i would have taken the advice of the old woman who lives across the way, and knocked down the nest in early spring..

but i didnt, and now we have more magpies.


Karen Travels said...

Oh, boy. I do not miss the magpies, nor the ravens (or whatever those big old blackbirds that stalked me at the Fred Meyers were called).

LOVE that banner picture.

Mary said...

Magpies and ravens are my co-joined nemesis. I plot their demise on a daily basis. It's hard because they have to share headroom wih my other plot to rule the world....

akfnp said...

Mary, you are TOO FUNNY my friend.