let there be light.
and there was!

happy belated solstice all.
we are enjoying the long alaskan days here now with sunrise at 4:20 and sunset at 11:42.
its an amazing time of year here.

last weekend sent us packing off to girdwood to attend the first annual fiddlehead festival.
we had all kinds of fun, despite the very un-summer-like temperatures and the rain.

this is me flirting with vince and vince asking jaden "so, what do you play?" and jade, without missing a beat telling him; "baseball."

after a good laugh and some 7 year old embarrassment, jade promises to think about learning an instrument, like say, the guitar or mandolin...

on sunday we celebrated jeff- as he is beyond a doubt the worlds best papa to his son j-man.
not to mention an incredible husband and partner. <3

we headed south to the portage valley to find the sunshine and ended up doing an easy and enjoyable walk up to byron glacier.
this is another great visitor destination as its only about 60 or so miles from anchorage, and the walk is  family friendly.
the end result is a beautiful snowfield with hanging blue ice up in the valley.

rocket enjoyed a bath and rolled around and around and around in the snow.
its a dogs life.

happy summer!
its gonna be a good one.

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Karen Travels said...

That story about Jaden reminded me of when I was young and someone asked me how I like my burger cooked. My response: "I like it good!"

Glad to see you are enjoying summer!! I am hoping to get back to Alaska next year, if I can find the mmoney to fund a trip!!