weeks end

happy friday everyone. we've made it through another work week.
anyone got any fun weekend plans?
we have some ideas, but nothing set in stone.
camera in hand.
will likely find something wonderful to do out there.

in the mean time....

listening: http://www.koto.org/ to the live broadcast of the telluride bluegrass festival and wishing we were there
eating: apples and peanut butter
drinking: soy hot chocolate and jalapeno peach margaritas. but not together.
wearing: cardigans in all kinds of pretty summer patterns
feeling: pretty darned settled
weather: grey and not minding it- still endless light
wanting: more travel, more time off and more money
needing: none of the above
thinking: about running a marathon
enjoying: life
wondering: if that feeling of restlessness will ever really completely disappear..


Mary said...

Head down to MOose Pass! It's their music festival this weekend. I've gone twice and loved every minute of it. Sophie and I may head down Saturday afternoon.


Karen Whittal said...

Love your photo's, makes me even more determined to save so I can see the Northern Lights.