take two women who have known one another for nearly 2 decades.
give them much needed time away from the day to day responsibilities of life, a milepost, trusty cameras, tripods, snack foods galore, and a reliable westfalia and after 650 miles, this is a glimpse of what you get:

if anyone out there in cyber land has any tips on photographing at night- bring em on.
the northern lights were amazing. i only included the lame ass photo to prove we saw them~ but the sight was beautiful~
trust me.


Views from Malmesbury said...

Sigh! - one day I WILL get back to Alaka

Sorry, no tips, I'm strictly a point quick & click merchant

Karen Travels said...

Your pictures kick ass. It doesn't need to be said again, but I mad envious of Alaska road trips!

Karen Whittal said...

Love your photo's keep them coming so envious of the pic of the northern lights

Leslie said...

Your travelogue kicks my travelogue's ass! Reality blows, wish I could still be there! xoxoL