sunny september

throughout the entire wet, chilly summer i had a deep secret prayer to the universe.
it went something like this: "please, oh please, oh please let september be one of those cool, blue-skied, sunny septembers, with crisp mornings and cool nights and the sweet smell of composting leaves that makes autumn so memorable and loved."

you see one of these septembers can make the difference between going into your 5th alaskan winter with trepidation and even slight despair (who am i kidding- major despair. one might even elude to wrist cutting despair...) or with a hopeful and determined attitude.
it appears that although a few days late, the universe is going to grant us some of that september love.
and i'd like to say thank you.

yesterday after work we headed to kincaid park to hit the beach.
bet you never gave much thought to the fact that anchortown has a beach, right?
well, it does. and in true alaskan style, its a little weird and a whole lot beautiful.

the weird part is that the inlet is very shallow but the tide moves in and out with amazing force and current. this leaves beautiful swaths of mud and rivulets.
the walk to the beach is a beautiful, albeit confusing stroll through kincaid park. the park itself is a lovely, forested swath of land which encompasses just over 1500 acres. there are numerous biking and ski trails, many of which are groomed and lit during winter. there is also a fierce frisbee golf course. frisbee golf is very popular in anchortown.

so, we go to the beach here to allow kids to walk and play in the mud.
no. really. we do. and its fun.

around turnagain arm there are many places where you are strongly advised against walking on the tidal flats because you can become stuck in muck and sink like you are in quicksand. ( people have drowned venturing out too far, getting stuck and having the tide come in....) but it seems that on this little stretch, its okay to go out and get your feet muddy.
if you bring your dog, or your kid for that matter, you dont want to forget the towel or you wont allow them back in the car.


Karen Travels said...

Love it! Have a great autumn!!

Karen Whittal said...

Great photo's as always, you really have a gift....... my fund is growing to see the Northern Lights

Leslie said...

We're going to the beach!! We're going to the glacier!! We're going to the mountain!! We're going to drink coffee!!
Of course I'm excited!!!!

akfnp said...

Thanks Karen and Karen! Les, WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! we are gonna have FUN!

Laura said...

Yay sunny September! Great pics!