fall just headed out the door and wintry cold, (damn cold) air has made itself at home here in the greatland.
the amusing parade of city dwellers briskly walking their dogs have been sporting down and fleece these past 48 hours.

there is no joking around here when the seasons change.

several weeks ago, before the (amazing and drawn out) summer vacation i took to maine, i spent many days lamenting our summer. 
all that gray sky and rain began to freak me out as i thought about the looming winter ahead.

on a whim i signed up for an art class at the anchorage museum.
it begins on thursday and i am incredibly excited.

the class is being taught by craig updewood, and this is a sample of his work.

its a silk screen class~ which i haven't done since high school.


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laura said...

I LOVE silkscreen, how fabulous! Please blog your art projects!