remember these folks?
they are friends and neighbors who found out shortly after this trip that they were expecting their first child. 
yesterday in the damp fall air we tromped around the neighborhood looking for that fun baby bump shot.
here are some of my faves.

 speed hump was an idea endorsed by both mom and dad.....
eh hemmm.
they insisted.


Lee Madison-Gravel said...

LOVE the speed hump pic LB. They are all really sweet. Won't be long and you'll be taking baby pictures!

flying fish said...

I just met your blog, probably a link through another blog and another blog... Nice place you have here! I'm down in Haines, actually looking forward to winter if I can just get to Costco in Juneau to stock up.

flying fish said...
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flying fish said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Now that winter art/craft time is near, I think I'll be updating more often. I sell my stuff at the Christmas bazaars and at The Extreme Dreams gallery here in Haines. I'll probably have stuff in another local gallery, The Wild Iris, next summer too!