today would have been my mother's 60th birthday.
i think she may have hated turning 60, but this is no comfort.

it goes without saying my minds eye played small snippits of her all day long. over time, i see her smiling mischevious face more than the pain or sorrow she often displayed. this is sweet relief and leads me to believe in the wisdom that time does heal all sorrow.

i remember her incredible sense of humor, her beautiful auburn hair, that big space between her front teeth, her pride for her children.

you died too young mom, but you taught me well in our time together.
you live on in me, in the way i view the world, in the way i love my family and in my gypsy soul.
i miss you every day.


Karen Travels said...

I wish I was in AK to give you a hug!! :) THinking of you!

It's so cold in Charlotte that I might as well be in Anchorage!

LOVE the banner picture!

And thanks for your piknic advice! I am trying Corel Paintshop, but it's too advanced for me!! I need to listen better!!

Leslie said...

We miss you, Gretchen!

Karen Whittal said...

What a blessing that you can still keep those you love in your heart.

ozone ranger said...

we once shared a poem about a woman who stood before a window overlooking the sea....the poem described a square rigged schooner as she raced before the wind and how the woman longed to be that schooner not merely a passenger on her. In the end the poem ; seen through her mind's eye returned her to her kitchen where she was doing the daily chores of caring for her family; in particular her children. She described the warmth that it brought to her heart each day, something a schooner could never do.....