our winter camping adventure was FUN.
the new propex heater rocked. we were snug as bugs in a rug.
our morning ski at gold mint trail was peaceful and lovely. we had the place to ourselves.
anchortown is under a severe winter storm advisory tonite with 80 mile an hour winds forecasted.
we are supposed to have snow and blizzard conditions.
i say~


Karen Travels said...

Look at you rockin the winter in Alaska!!! Wish I was there to join in the fun! Just think, the worse is almost over!

If you have a moment can you give me a little tutorial on how to add text to pictures? Are you using a website? Thanks!


Karen Whittal said...

Amazing, your photo's as usual are great

flying fish said...

I was just cruising your other posts...pasta machine printing sounds very cool! I love the photo on water color paper too.

akfnp said...

Thanks gals! Karen I sent you an email, but the comment from flying fish deserves the same info. I use www.picnik.com to edit photos. (this is how I get the words on the banner used here on blogger) its really user friendly and enables me to do really cool stuff with photos and is very simple to navigate. The third photo has a layer over the top that is a texture. Its a photo I took over the weekend and then altered with the picnik program. too cool. check it out!