10 days

until this.

im counting.
the view through my lens will be changing dramatically in a mere 10 days!
stay tuned for the sights and sounds of big island love.

so far i have not found a  way to blog from the ipad and im really not wanting to take the laptop.
anyone out there in the blogosphere heard of a way to do this?
ive heard apple hasnt made an app yet for blogger.


Beth W said...

have fun in hawaii. i'm insanely jealous right now. you can be jealous right back when i got to thailand in april!

Laura said...

did you end up bringing your laptop?

akfnp said...

no! found the camera connection kit for the ipad, however, the photos from the trip are very blurry on here, uploaded from said ipad. checked on your blog recently Laura. have you been dog handling? what an amazing trip you had! loved your photos.